The Silver Spoon


  • L to R Chef Josh, Gwen Williams, sister Jackie Williams, & mom Leslie Williams Wednesday April 18th was an important Career Day, not just for Charm School Chocolates, but for the students at Herndon Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia.  The students were encouraged to invite s... View Post
  • Meet Chef Josh Friday December 14th from 6-9 PM at Ma Petite Shoe  This one-of-a-kind boutique, located in Hampden, Baltimore specializes in the world's most fabulous shoes and artisan chocolate from around the globe. Join us for a taste of Charm School Chocolates from 6-9 PM. This e... View Post
  • Last night, Chef Josh competed on the Food Network with 3 other pastry chefs from around the country to win the title Sweet Genius! It was a tense competition, full of unusual secret ingredients (latke powder?), and surprise holiday themes.  After three rounds, world-renowned cake deco... View Post