The Silver Spoon


  • Green Festival 2014

    Smashing success!!! The 10th Annual Green Festival was held at Washington D.C.'s Convention Center MAY 31-JUNE 1 and Charm School Chocolate was there!!! The reception was warm, and the afternoon, so cool. Lots of speakers, great food, and time to meet up with friends (Akshata!!) We were shocke... View Post
  • We're proud to announce that every one of our Coconut Milk Chocolate, and Vanilla Bunny Babies, along with our hand painted eggs, have found new homes ( at least for the time being).  We hope your Easter baskets will be filled with as much joy as making the chocolate was for us!!  Wishing you a j... View Post

    Last week, the three day natural products extravaganza known as Expo East kicked off here in Baltimore.  Excited to see all the latest trendy natural food and healthcare products, we hopped the light rail & headed downtown. Can I just say, "WOW"  PRODUCT OVERLOAD! Over 22,000 attendees and 1... View Post