Closing Remarks


 For the past decade, I’ve had the incredible experience of crafting vegan chocolate from the cocoa bean. I’ve delighted in getting to know each and every one of our enthusiastic customers, and the many cocoa bean growers and chocolate makers across the globe that I now call friends.


 I started this company to make chocolate accessible to everyone. I believe that chocolate should be made in a way that’s equitable to all—kind to our planet, compassionate to animals, and above all, delicious! I’m proud to say that’s exactly what we’ve done; and dear reader, I owe it all to you.


 During the past year, I’ve been presented with an opportunity to grow and do a lot of tangible good in the world. It’s not been an easy decision, but after careful thought and deliberation, I’ve decided to embrace the challenge and wind down Charm School Chocolate.


 Charm School Chocolate has seen such rapid growth these past few years that, frankly, it has been a challenge to keep pace with the demand! When I started, I never imagined the far-reaching impact Charm School Chocolate would have. Our ability to make your days a little sweeter has made every long day and late night feel incredibly worthwhile. During the past decade of making award-winning chocolate, the greatest reward has been to see Charm School Chocolate become part of your holidays, family traditions, and fond memories. I will miss that the most. Thank you for being the greatest support that I could have hoped to have.


 As we button up shop and dwindle down the final batches of chocolate-making, we will continue selling through our remaining inventory. Our last day to place an order for shipping will be January 24th. Please know that some items will inevitably sell faster than others, and it’s certainly possible that everything could sell out before that date. During this time, we appreciate your patience while we prepare these final orders to head out the door.


 I started Charm School Chocolate intent on elevating vegan chocolate. Premium, dairy-free chocolate was, at the time, a rarity. We’re proud to have made our mark, nudged our industry forward, and even influenced our fellow craft chocolate makers to include high-quality, vegan chocolate in their offerings. I am confident that the craft chocolate industry will carry the torch forward as demand for vegan chocolate only grows stronger.


While we are excited for what’s ahead, it is nevertheless difficult to say farewell. Please keep safe and well.

And above all, stay charming.


Joshua Rose, Chef/Owner