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Chef Josh, Gwen Williams, sister Jackie Williams, & mom Leslie Williams

Wednesday April 18th was an important Career Day, not just for Charm School Chocolates, but for the students at Herndon Elementary School in Herndon, Virginia.  The students were encouraged to invite someone who represented their future career choice, to demonstrate "what they do".  After seeing the Sweet Genius episode Chef Josh won in December, last year, Gwendolyn Williams had an immediate connection, & invited Chef Josh to show her fellow classmates (all 400 or so of them) how he makes chocolate... and he did!   It was a lot of fun, and a great day!

Gwen is an aspiring young writer, and was asked by the Washington Jewish Week magazine, to contribute an article about the experience.

To read Gwen's fantastic article... go to pg. 29


Sous Chef Gwen Williams with Chef Josh