Our Company

We are delighted you have chosen Charm School Chocolate. Our bean-to-bar, non dairy, vegan chocolate company is passionate about making chocolate with the highest quality ingredients, and bringing our customers a variety of products, all free of dairy!

Our distinct chocolate is created by transforming direct trade cocoa beans and organic ingredients into sweet, sophisticated flavors.  Just as charm schools "refine" their students, we take cocoa beans from around the world, and carefully "refine" them into polished, delicious sweets - from bean to bar.  

Not only are we a vegan company, but vegans in our personal lives as well. We design our recipes using coconut, rather than milk or other dairy products typically used in traditional chocolate making. 

Approachability is what sets Charm School Chocolate apart. Let us breathe new life into the classics, show you how amazing handcrafted chocolate can be, and expose you to bold new flavors ... in the most charming way!