The Silver Spoon

  • Eggs are hatching in a multitude of colors and flavors this week! Peanut Butter in Chocolate ~ Pistachio-Lemon Marzipan in Vanilla.. .D E L I C I O U S !!!! Our speckled bunnies are hopped up and ready to go as well!!! If your looking for unique chocolate in this year's basket, we've got it for y... View Post
  • Through rain or snow....

    Hope everyone had a very Sweet Valentine's Day! Despite the weather related closings, power outages & delays this week, we are happy to report all our delicate cargo was received on time for Valentine's Day, & without incident! We were a little worried about production when WE lost power... View Post

    While we're taking a brief break to be with our families & friends this holiday season, we wish you and your families a holiday filled with laughter, good health & "sweet moments". View Post