"...and the livin's easy..." 


Lots of people love the summer.  Beaches, rooftop cocktails, what's not to love?  As a chef however, summer presents an unusual opportunity to really stretch out the creative muscles. 


As the shop typically slows down a bit from the holiday madness, many of us in the culinary world get to finally put our creative hats back on and try all the weird, crazy, can't-wait-to-try ideas that have been living in the back of our heads for the last 6 months.  Somedays it feels like recess, other days, it feels like mountains of new things learned… and giant piles of dishes to show for it! 


So far this summer: 

  • I've gone through 14 recipes of one new bar idea (!!!)
  • Working on some new chocolates with some fantastic beans from the famed "Maya Mountain Co-op" in Belize
  • and've been working on probably our MOST requested item…. 


Stay tuned for lots of new Soy-free goodness!  

Uh oh… did I just give it away? =)


-Chef Josh